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First click on FileZilla below. Then download and install the Client only, not the server.  
Then open it and install it on your computer.    
In the Host box enter:     books-for-the-blind.com    
In the Username put:      baldwinhighschool.books-for-the-blind.com    
Ask John for the password and enter it in the Password box.    
Then click on Quickconnect. Do not enter the Port number.      
You'll get comething like this:  
Your computer is on the left where you will upload files to your folder.  
Simply drag the files to the right and into your folder.  
I will check everyday what new files are there.  
After I complete the work, I will upload them to the appropriate folder where you can get them.  
Notice there's a file that says, "Right Click and Edit this file." That's exactly what it means.